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It's my mission to instill joy, passion, and commitment in every student I work with! I help each student develop a strong technical foundation, foster creativity, and find their voice as a musician. 

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"I studied with Jenna for three years and it was a highlight of my high school career!  In each lesson, she was incredibly encouraging and took me places with my music that I could not have imagined.  Her studio recitals twice a year highlighted the diverse talents in all of her students and I saw how she truly cared for each of us. Jenna not only fostered my love for music, but helped me audition for and get accepted by multiple colleges for cello performance." -Josiah Duhlstine, student graduate

"Jenna has been such a great cello teacher for Julie. She has helped her learn that playing the cello is more than getting the right notes and rhythms; she is teaching Julie how to find her cello voice and use it to express herself and her ideas. Jenna demands a lot from her students- but she gives just as much love and encouragement to them and helps them succeed." -Marie Guthrie, Parent

“Jenna is one of the most outgoing and understanding teachers I have ever known. Every cello lesson that I have ever taken with her gave me much insight on how I could improve myself as a cellist. I don’t think that I could have advanced to my current level without her guidance and encouragement.” -Heeyoung Hwang, student



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